Pillar 2 - 15. EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information)

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On track

Complete the setup of the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information

Potential of action

The electronic exchange of social security information is a key element in establishing a closer and more effective cooperation between social security institutions.

The main objective of EESSI is to improve the cross border communication between the national social security institutions of 32 countries (EU Member States and Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland), by introducing an electronic communication platform for efficient exchange of information. This platform will strengthen the protection of the social security rights of mobile citizens by automating at an optimal level the application of EC regulations on social security and make the decision-making process for the actual calculation and payment of social security benefits more efficient to citizens who exercise mobility across Europe. In addition, it will allow secure, efficient and verifiable data transfers for the citizens concerned and collect accurate statistical data on social security coordination data exchanges.

Description of action

The Commission launched EESSI, the IT platform that will connect electronically around 15.000 social security institutions, on 3 July 2017. Following this, Member States will have two years to connect their national systems to the central EESSI IT platform and to connect their social security institutions to the cross-border electronic exchanges. By July 2019 full electronic exchange of social security data in a simple, speedy and secure way will be a reality across Europe.

The Connecting Europe Facility will facilitate the connection of national systems, for which Member States are responsible, to the central EESSI electronic communication platform to ensure interoperability and communication as well as the business implementation of the EESSI project. It will contribute in particular to supporting an efficient transition to electronic exchange of data in order to reduce the period of coexistence of digital exchange with the current paper procedures and increase overall efficiency in social security coordination activity[1]. The EESSI platform covers the cross-border business processes of all branches of social security such as accidents at work and occupational disease benefits, family benefits, pension benefits, recovery of benefits and contributions, sickness and healthcare benefits, unemployment benefits, etc.

Main responsible at the European Commission: DG EMPL

Target date: 2019

Status: On track

More info (website): http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=869


[1] https://ec.europa.eu/inea/sites/inea/files/2016_ceftelecom_calltext_eessi_final_030316.pdf