OECD LEED Forum - Increasing productivity, job creation and inclusion from the bottom-up, Prague

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10 April 2017 to 11 April 2017
Slovanský Dům / Slavic house Na Příkopě 22
11000 Prague
Czech Republic

OECD economies have been experiencing a slow-down in labour productivity growth for two decades. At the same time, OECD economies are facing rising inequality. The OECD work suggests that these two trends may be intertwined. This Forum calls for policy makers to adopt a broader, more inclusive, approach to productivity growth that considers how to expand the productive assets of an economy by investing in skills, entrepreneurship, employment opportunities, and innovation diffusion to lagging firms and regions. It will bring together some 250 representatives of local partnerships, government officials, public employment services, youth organisations, social entrepreneurs, business representatives, and academics.