The New Capacity Building Programme Flagship Project

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    28 April 2016 - updated 2 years ago
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Contribution received to the FET Flagships consultation: The New Capacity Building Programme Flagship Project

Vivian R. F. Linssen, IMNRC-NewPOL Network

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There is only one challenge that includes and requires integrating all the others: the Third Millennium’s top priority, achieving and sustaining the citizens’ well being and quality of life in world (and therefore European) society. This requires a world coordinated holistic multicultural interactive bottom-up top-down integrated interdisciplinary collaboration/strategy – a new global governance infrastructure – that in turn requires holistic multicultural integrated interdisciplinary education that does not exist. Yet.  A fundamental worldwide educational revolution is thus both necessary and urgent.The issues we are faced with today have reached such a level of complexity that experts, academics, politicians and the citizens are getting completely out of their depth – why? – because they are confronted with integrated interdisciplinary challenges, something that their education has not prepared them for. The world situation is becoming out of our control and quite unmanageable. The existing educational system is not sufficiently powerful to enable us to deal with the complexities of the challenges we are faced with. Education has so far provided – and is still providing unfortunately – unidisciplinary excellence bathing in a sea of integrated interdisciplinary incompetence. There is a fundamental interconnectedness between all things yet education has created fragmented human beings, fragmented minds, fragmented mentalities, a fragmented world, fragmented competences artificially yet convincingly disconnecting the interconnected. Education as structured today is therefore toxic for our planet’s sustainability and civilisation.

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