An Internet Citizen Opinion Polling System

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    Khaled Soubani
    6 February 2017 - updated 1 year ago
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Accurate and timely knowledge of citizen opinion on significant matters is indispensable. Leaders, planners and law makers can benefit greatly from such a system. All they have to do is explain the various aspects of an issue and invite feedback from their citizens. While the results are non-binding, undoubtedly, they will lead to more enlightened decision making. Ultimately, this system, and after gaining the confidence of government and citizens, would be introduced for the purposes of conducting general elections.

The benefits derived from this system are numerous and significant:

  • The political debate gains in relevancy when it is based on more accurate, representative and timely citizen opinion data. Citizen participation in the decision making process is critical for democracies and this system will enable the widest possible participation in the history of government.
  • The introduction of this system has the potential to mobilize the efforts of the most advanced information and communication technology experts in the world. Pushing the envelope in internet efficiency and security is beneficial not only for this system but also for the internet in general.
  • The legal framework that relates to all matters of the digital age, privacy and civil liberties will be updated and refined to the highest possible standards considering that the ultimate purpose of the system is the conduct of general elections. The computer hacking culture will be altered indefinitely with the presence of real, inevitable punishment under strict laws.
  •  Social institutions and industries that are entrusted with citizen vital, financial, medical and legal records stand to benefit from the relevant advanced technologies and laws. The internet's overall performance stands to gain tremendously.
  • Broadband access, wired or wireless, to all households and social institutions in the country becomes a national priority. No citizens will miss the opportunity to join the society and economy of the future.

Starting this system is simple. All that is required in the beginning is the political will to establish a non-partisan, non-binding citizen opinion polling system.