FRANCE: CEA strongly supports FET Flagship on quantum technologies.

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    1 May 2016 - updated 4 years ago
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Contribution received to the FET Flagships consultation: FRANCE: CEA strongly supports FET Flagship on quantum technologies.


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Quantum physics was created for explaining the interaction between light and atoms. The successful development of present world technologies (all electronics, communication and information processing devices, optics (laser,…), mechanics (alloys,…) heavily relies on the in-depth understanding of the properties of all types of materials obtained during the last century from quantum mechanics. This quantum revolution truly shaped our modern world. However, we are not yet harnessing the full power of quantum mechanics. Indeed, all degrees of freedom of physical systems have equal rights in quantum mechanics, andcan behave quantum mechanically provided they are placed in adequate conditions. Pioneering experiments performed during the early 1980s demonstrated that man-made electrical circuits, much larger than electrons orbiting around the nucleus of an atom, can indeed enter the quantum regime, and be prepared in a quantum state corresponding to the superposition of currents flowing in opposite directions in a wire. Designing and making electrical circuits and, more broadly machines whose state variables, such as currents for electrical circuits, behave quantum mechanically is our goal grand vision of the second S&T quantum revolution that is just starting now. Whether or not this second quantum revolution will have, like the first one, a major impact on unforeseen domains is not known, but we are sure it has the potential to be a game changer for many technologies by making machines able to perform tasks beyond reach of classical ones, whatever the progress of conventional technologies.

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