Europe as a Collaboratory

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    Artur Serra
    4 March 2016 - updated 2 years ago
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Barcelona is a hot  spot on innovation. My experience is building  open living labs and citizen labs in this

city during 20 years. 

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Europe can be a "collaboratory".Currently there is an explosion of "labs" of all kind in our cities: living labs, fablabs, makerspaces, open data labs, citizen labs, urban labs, ...what we need is an inter-lab, like inter-net 30 years ago.

Until now we have new infrastructures (Internet) connecting old social and economic structures. Labs are the new social forms that fit with the Internet. The Collaboratory is the "social Internet". And Europe can be the continent that creates this new layer upon the internet.

But the collaboratory is not a new innovation structure for Europe. It is a contribution of Europe to the whole world.