ERA Open to the World EU R&I strategy responding to globalisation - RISE Paper

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    23 February 2016 - updated 2 years ago
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Lena Tsipuri - RISE
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International Cooperation in S&T has for a long time been part of European FPs and now Horizon 2020.

At the same time globalisation accelerates via market forces but also via more and more countries being involved in international S&T cooperation. Common global societal challenges (like the ones that are high on the EU research agenda) as well as emerging disruptive economic changes (like all aspects of the shared economy) make international cooperation an increasingly important dimension not only for science but also for innovation, sectoral policies and foreign affairs.

Open science and open innovation are shaping new models of cooperation and competition at the global level. In this spirit the expert group reviewing S&T cooperation policy suggested that the key criteria for S&T cooperation should be achieving benefits for European stakeholders, effectively address global, grand challenges, and support the Union’s external policies1.