2nd Interim Report for the Next Generation Internet Consultation 2016

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    David Overton
    19 December 2016 - updated 4 years ago
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Here is the latest interim report for the Next Generation Internet.  The main conclusions are below:

1) The most important of the statements is that the Next Generation Internet should ensure citizens' sovereignty over their own data and protect privacy

2) The two priority technology areas are; personal data spaces and Artificial Intelligence

3) The main challenges for personal data spaces concern infrastructure (creating the protocols and systems that allow data to be secure whilst still allowing innovation to occur) and keeping data secure (assuring that users are equipped to protect and manage their own data easily).

4) In Artificial Intelligence the key challenges are in ethics and privacy (an ethical framework to cover legal issues related to liability, transparency of algorithms and data use and accountability), and Human-machine-relations (living with greater autonomy for the "machines").


My questions at this point...

As the strongest representation is from the one country leaving the EU and the smallest number of responses is from those more recently joined, does this really represent a truly European view?

Is it also right that the biggest respondent group is over 35 years old?  Does this really represent the Next Generation?

Debate on!