Partnership on Climate Adaptation presented at the EUROCITIES Environment Forum

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    17 April 2018 - updated 9 months ago
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Tom Feenstra
 Stefania Manca, from the City of Genova and Coordinator EU Urban Partnership on Climate Adaptation, took part in the EUROCITIES Environment Forum to discuss climate issues.


The session kicked off with the key speech of Jean-Baptiste Buffet, Policy and Advocacy Officer at United Cities and and Local Governments and was followed by a short presentation of the Partnership. After a general introduction, the UAP Coordinator presented to the public the work of the Partnership, addressing their general and specific objectives as well as their workplan until the end of the year. Likewise, he used the opportunity to refer to the main bottlenecks (especially in terms of resources) and potentials (principally concerning knowledge) identified so far. The aim of the climate session was ultimately to find ways in which cities can contribute more to national climate policy. For this reason, there was also a particular stress made on the roadmap to the next COP24 in Katowice.


The Environment Forum organised by EUROCITIES on the 4-6 April 2018 in Amsterdam. For further information, please click here.


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Tom Feenstra