Better Knowledge - Draft Action K1: Improving data accessibility for EU Municipalities in the framework of COPERNICUS

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Bottleneck summary

The contribution of Existing EU Policies/Legislations/Instruments

Actions Needed

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Bottleneck summary

Municipalities need effective tools for territorial analysis to better plan climate adaptation strategies and inform policy-makers at a local level. The data that would allow EU municipalities to deliver assessments of climate change baseline and future projections at city scale are at present not sufficiently available.

NOTE: Bottlenecks addressed: 5,10 (See the Annex F on the Draft Action Plan)

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The Contribution of Existing EU Policies/Legislations/Instruments

COPERNICUS represents a significant EU investment and the available output products on territorial analysis have already boosted the territorial knowledge in relevant domains related to climate change adaptation.

The level of the disaggregation of datasets is still an issue. The Urban SIS project has already looked into this issue by developing higher resolution climate products specifically for three case study cities (Bologna, Stockholm and Amsterdam). However further developments of C3S for urban areas would be important.

Municipal/city-scale data are necessary in order to improve the territorial knowledge and the monitoring capacity of environmental and climate variables.

The key requirements identified at this stage are:

  • Improve data usability
  • Facilitate access to data
  • Deliver better user-friendly interface and guidance on the data

Improve the guidance on limitations and uncertainty linked to COPERNICUS outputs.

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Actions Needed

It is necessary to:

  1. Review COPERNICUS framework in order to identify technologies and procedures in order to allow Municipalities a wider access to thematic information specifically tailored for municipalities needs. Climate Change Copernicus Services (C3S) information contains both the baseline climate data variables as well as information on the projected climate.
  2. Further action is needed regarding the development of specific higher resolution C3S data for municipalities.

Implementation: A few actions have been preliminary identified:

  • Identify the specific city needs regarding COPERNICUS program (ECMWF 3CS).
  • Establish a technical/political table for the discussion of already available solutions and short-term improvements that COPERNICUS may provide to face those specific requests.
  • Outline a middle-long term strategy to define new services by COPERNICUS targeted on EU Municipalities needs to address climate change issues.

Funding Sources and Needs: Funding sources will be outlined in the second phase.

Implementation Risks:

  • Risk of identifying gaps outside partners' area of expertise
  • Lack of sufficient resources

Responsible Institution: ECMWF C3S (tbc)

Contributing Institutions: DG CLIMA, EEA, Potenza Municipality, JRC, DG GROW (tbc)

Intermediary Deadlines:

  • 06.2019 Progress monitoring
  • 12.2019 Progress monitoring
  • 06.2020 Progress monitoring

Indicators of Completion: The indicators to be defined.

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