Circular Economy Final Action Plan now available!

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    19 December 2018 - updated 3 months ago
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  • To find read the final Action Plan, please click here.

The Partnership on Circular Economy has looked into the whole circle, beginning with the extraction of raw materials to design, production, transportation, consumption and, finally, the recycling of waste with residues for final disposal. However, given time and resource constraints, this scope had to be limited, and the Partnership has focused on the parts of the circle which they believe are most relevant to cities and which they have the greatest potential to influence. To choose among several potential topics and actions, a set of criteria have functioned as guidelines for their screening and evaluation.

The Partnership covered most of the relevant circular economy aspects from a city perspective. The Partnership has not elaborated an overall plan for introducing the circular economy at a city level, but has rather focused on specific actions and recommendations that would fit into already existing plans for most cities. The theme of “Governance” is crucial to the circular economy, both at the city, Member State and EU level. Hence, during the stocktaking phase, a special focus has been placed on the need for better governance at all levels. The cross-cutting topic of governance should help address the right issues at the right level.

For more information, please read the full Final Action Plan here.