Better Regulation - Draft Action 1: Help make waste legislation support the circular economy in cities

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Bottleneck to be addressed

As soon as products or materials are defined as waste, a set of regulatory measures apply to protect human health and the environment against any harm from those products and materials. These regulations make it difficult, if not impossible to redirect waste fractions back into the economic cycle for re-use or recycling.

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Help make waste legislation support the circular economy in cities
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The objective of the action is to support the transition from waste management to resource management with improved (application of) waste legislation, including definitions of waste and beginning of waste/end of waste criteria. Until now end-of-waste criteria have been set for only a very limited number of materials and the process for developing end-of-waste criteria for new products and materials will be quite complex and time consuming. An option to better meet the requirements of circular economy could be to keep products and materials that are fit for re-use and recycling, out of the waste stream in the first place. That way they will not be subject to unnecessary limitations that arise from the waste status. At the same time this may allow for a more friendly and competitive market environment for secondary resources, from which the urban economy will benefit in terms of new economic activity and employment.


Recommendations for a more substantial change in regulations and/or its application. This would result in a proposal for setting up a regulatory framework that better fits the requirements of using secondary resources in the context of a circular economy. An element of this new framework could be the introduction of so-called “beginning of waste” criteria.

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