Better Knowledge - Draft Action 5: Prepare a Blueprint for a Circular City Portal

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    6 February 2018 - updated 1 year ago
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Bottleneck to be addressed

At present, most cities still view the circular economy from the perspective of waste management. What the vast amount of cities in the EU currently lack is a holistic and comprehensive strategy, plan, or roadmap for the circular economy that goes beyond the utility and waste management sector. The most important limitation in many cases is the lack of understanding and knowledge of the circular economy and its business models. Besides that, many cities lack adequate institutional capacities and governance strategies, methods and tools required to lead an inclusive, multi-stakeholder process towards a truly circular city.

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To develop a comprehensive web-based Circular City Portal that:

  1. serves as a central point of access to information dedicated to the promotion of the circular economy in cities that is freely available from various sources, thus allowing interested cities and other stakeholders an easier and quicker access and navigation to the relevant information and tools;
  2. promotes the further development, dissemination and sharing of new bespoke information, tools and know-how by and between cities with the aim to contribute to the creation of an openly shared knowledge basis that would inspire and guide cities in their journey towards a circular economy.

The Partnership acknowledges that the actual implementation and dissemination of the CCP cannot be carried out by the partnership members. Hence important prerequisites for implementing this action will be to (i) involve as many cities and other relevant stakeholders as possible in the preparation, implementation and dissemination of the proposed Circular City Portal, and (ii) identify a future custodian that can take main responsibility for implementation and later operation and maintenance of the Circular City Portal.


The main contribution of the partnership (in cooperation with cities and other relevant stakeholders) will be to draw up a blueprint for the Circular City Portal. The blueprint shall be based on a thorough assessment of concrete needs experienced by cities in terms of information and knowledge including: the development of circular economy strategies and roadmaps, circular business models and value chains, strategic governance options/tools/levers of change focusing on policy/strategy development, spatial planning, multi-stakeholder coordination/cooperation processes, permitting/ licensing, economic incentives/disincentives, public awareness and education, and other tools and advice.

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