5th Meeting Partnership in Prato (Italy) completed with success

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    15 November 2017 - updated 1 year ago
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First-hand meeting with Pratos textile industry, waste water challenges and a big step towards the Draft Action Plan: 5th Circular Economy Partnership meeting


The first day of the 5th meeting of the Circular Economy Partnership started with an exciting study visit at a textile manufacturer and the waste water facility GIDA. The Partnership visited Lanificio Ricceri SRL, an old textile producer in Prato run by a family that have been producing textiles in Prato for many generations. They explained about the history of the textile industry in Prato, and their recent collaboration with Greenpeace to remove hazardous chemicals from their production.

Afterwards we visited the waste water facility GIDA where they receive and process the waste water from the textile industry. It was very valuable to see first-hand how sectors approach the concept of Circular Economy, and reflect upon how this is quite different from how we discuss the topic within the Partnership. The coordinator Håkon Jentoft, reminded the partners of the importance of seeing the different contextual barriers, and how circular economy will function on the ground when addressing barriers and actions within the Circular Economy Partnership.

After this insightful visit, the Partnership members met in Prato’s textile museum, the venue of the meeting, were they discussed progress made on the following topics: waste prevention and circular consumption; industrial symbiosis; governance; food waste prevention and water as a resource. The focus of these discussions was that the partners should conclude on the scoping fiches and move towards the proposed actions. This was done in parallel sessions, where smaller groups circulated between the topics and this gave diverse and fruitful discussions.

On the second day, the Partnership decided which actions should be prioritised. In addition, the Partnership members had an exchange on which actions are needed, which aspects are not yet known and how the knowledge gaps could be closed. Each Partnership member expressed its interest in contributing to the development of one or more proposed actions that will be part of the Draft Action Plan, which needs to be prepared by the 31st of January 2018.

The meeting was successful as the Partnership managed to move from scoping phase towards the preparatory actions. The Municipality of Prato was a great host, presenting some good cases where the Circular Economy could improve the current situation and how it can be done on the ground.

Next partnership meeting will take place on the 29th November in Rotterdam.