Let's talk e-infrastructures!

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    16 September 2015 - updated 3 years ago
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Welcome to Digital4Science, a virtual space for dialogue open to all in the fields of Open Science, Future and Emergent Technologies, and e-Infrastructure.

For those particularly interested in e-Infrastructure, let me briefly tell you how we intend to trigger the first conversations. We would like to focus on two main areas: 1) co-operation between projects and 2) getting ready for workprogramme 2016-17.

In order to get ready for workprogramme 2016-17, potential participants must understand what’s new and what they have to do to satisfy the new requirements. By enabling current projects to share experiences and best practices, we expect that ideas will emerge about how best to adapt to the changes. We will launch discussion streams on the issues we consider more relevant, such as KPIs, TRLs and catalogue of services, and we are sure that you will bring in other issues as well.

This is what we would like to use the platform for at the beginning, but new issue raised by you will certainly make it evolve. This is your platform. Use it.

Finally, we will be holding an e-concertation meeting in Brussels on the 9th of November 2015. It will be a great opportunity to take stock of what has been discussed on Digital4Science and complement it with face-to-face conversations. Once the physical meeting will be over, the conversation will continue here. The dialogue is open and will remain open for as long as there are issues to talk about, face-to-face or online.

Looking forward to fruitful discussions,