How much does innovation matter to the achievement of current EU priorities?

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    Robert Madelin
    13 April 2016 - updated 2 years ago
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We have tried to assess whether innovation matters 'only' for itself and the growth it can bring, in GDP or social welfare. Answer, no: innovation matters because it is the answer to every sort of question.

We know that new is not better nor even essential in everything: so we took the Juncker College ten priorities, and their component parts, and assessed innovation's fit with them.

Our conclusions:

-innovation is never irrelevant, and never the whole story;

-people have rather different perspectives on where innovation matters most.

Take the spider chart below: from a largely tech perspective, innovation has a more limited relevance than if we take into account the inno-optimism of the social innovation and impact investor community.


JCJ Priorities Mapping

So what do you think? What shape does your spider chart take?

Even without your input so far, we are inclined to see this mind-game as proving two equally important points: first that innovation really is everywhere; second, that too close a focus on tech can make us miss the broader potential of innovative approaches in the 21st century…