How is it going with your ideas for the eGovernment Action Plan?

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    Graziana LONERO
    21 February 2017 - updated 4 years ago
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The eGovernment4EU platform is the place where we have been collecting feedback from users or suppliers/developers of public services (citizens, businesses, associations, organizations, public administrations, etc.) since June 2016 on needs and ideas for increasing the impact of the eGovernment action plan.

In six months, more than 30 ideas were expressed, ranging from training on digital skills, to making public services fully "digital by default".

This is very positive and demonstrates your interest in Digital Public Services. Interest shared by us in the European Commission and in the Member States.

Your contribution is valuable; we have summarised and clustered the ideas in the table that you can find here.

On 14 February 2017 we discussed your ideas with Member States and EFTA countries at the meeting of the eGovernment Action Plan Steering Board. The discussion was enthusiastic, and Member States' representatives were interested in your ideas, recognising nevertheless that most of the things proposed are already an integral part of their national action plans (did you know that?).

Most of the ideas are not actionable at this stage. Still 4 main themes got the most interest from the Member States and EFTA-countries for engagement. They were picked up for further developments:

  • User feedback/User experience on digital services

  • Public Administrations' electronic payment systems

  • Public sector data analytics

  • Digital Government for Citizens' Charter.

The next step now will be to identify the countries interested in the themes, and in which format will the discussion be initiated and continued.

The eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 is a novelty in terms of decision-making: the dynamic aspect is put forward for the first time, but like any innovation we all are in a phase of learning.

This exercise of collecting your ideas was extremely valuable. Yet it has demonstrated that ideas would need to be more complete, integrating and taking into account also existing cases/projects. We will in the future engage more on the platform to elaborate more the ideas and to turn them into concrete actions, raising key questions such as 'Why do we need to solve the issue', 'How could the issue be addressed most effectively', 'What would be the result, benefit and outcome of the proposed action', 'Who would benefit from it?'

Next steps for all would be to continue gathering good ideas and boost the exchange of best practices and information. To this end, we will also work on improving your user experience on the platform. Tell us what you think! Your feedback is important. Clearly, it will be necessary to make an effort on this platform to develop ideas with contributors, with hopefully a direct engagement from all parties.

We count on your continuous commitment to improve digital public services for all European, together.

We look forward to your innovative ideas!