Expert Group on electronic identification and remote Know-Your-Customer processes - Call for applications open!

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    17 December 2017 - updated 3 years ago
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On 14 December 2017, the Commission Decision C(2017) 8405 final of 14.12.2017 setting up the Commission expert group on electronic identification and remote Know-Your-Customer processes was adopted.

As of Spring 2018, the expert group (E03571) will explore how to facilitate the cross-border use of electronic identification (eID) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) portability based on identification and authentication tools under eIDAS, Regulation EU No 910/2014, to enable financial institutions to identify customers digitally for onboarding purposes.

Jointly managed by DG CNECT, DG FISMA and DG JUST, the group will be composed of up to 36 members comprising regulators, supervisors, identity experts, financial institutions as understood for compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, as well as consumer organisations.

21 members of the group will come from existing consultative structures (eIDAS, anti-money laundering and the ESA joint committee) while the remaining 15 places will be filled through a call for applications open for financial institutions and consumer organisations.

If you are a financial institution or a consumer organisation and are interested in joining the work of the group, please respond to the call for applications by 26 January 2018.