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United Kingdom

HRS developed a proven life-saving technology platform that will safeguard road workers whilst providing real-time road works information to road users to reduce journey time and congestion.

About the Innovator

HRS provides proven life-saving safety systems to the highway maintenance and construction industry. Our Internet of Things (IoT) enabled platform makes it possible to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. This includes instant worksite incursion alerts to road workers (safety critical); real-time road work information to road users; and live status information to management.

What is the innovation

The SmartSite project has enabled the development and field testing of a large number of IoT connected sensors integrated into existing temporary traffic management equipment. Web portals were developed which are now used by actual end-users to view live road work deployments on their networks and detect any cone strikes by vehicles in real-time.

Out of the lab - Into the Market

HRS has worked closely with large end-users and used its previous experience in commercialising safety systems to facilitate actual live trials on real road maintenance and construction projects in the UK. This meant that over 1000 unique deployments could be done by end user partners generating 100,000s of data points. This will make commercialisation significantly quicker as the technologies have already gained some market acceptance and credibility.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The SmartSite project has enabled HRS to fund the development of important parts of a bespoke device management system needed to operate safety equipment where communication time is of the essence. This enabled the business to continue to fund its growth whilst using grant funding to accelerate technical developments.