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Tool facilitating to easily access detailed information about millions of business and SMEs, beyond the basic information deposited in official national company registries, extending access to information that was until now only available to large companies due to its cost and complexity.

About the innovator

SpazioDati is building a Business Knowledge Graph that merges authoritative and non-authoritative data about millions of businesses and companies from thousand of sources, both structured and non-structured. We make the data accessible via an easy-to-use web application and via APIs for third parties. Our clients are SMEs, innovative startups, large companies, banks and financial institutions.

What is the innovation

Within the Horizon 2020 project we built a new piece of our data ingestion and analytics pipeline, that focuses on evaluating the market value of real estate owned by companies. In order to do so we apply machine learning models that use data from both public registries, the Web and Open Data initiatives such as the Open Street Map project.

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Out of the lab. Into the market

The results of the project have already been incorporated into our main product ATOKA.IO and are currently actively used to fuel several in-production machine learning models for risk&credit scoring and for marketing analytics for hundreds of customers. The data pipeline is also being extended to be applied to other data sources.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Even though our startup has very recently (this summer) been acquired by a large corporation, at the time of the project we were a still a SMEs whose research & innovation capacity was very limited. The opportunity to invest in R&D that came from the project and the collaborations that have been established with world-leading partner organisation, have been a strategic element of our growth and success.This innovation was funded via H2020 project proDataMarket.

Team behind the innovation