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About the innovator

LUMICKS is the leading supplier of Dynamic Single-Molecule analysis instruments worldwide. We provide high-end tools, based on innovative and Nobel Prize-winning technologies, which are opening up new avenues in life science research. Our instruments enable – for the first time – the analysis of complex dynamic details related to the behavior and interaction of single molecules.

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What is the innovation

Within the Chromavision project, we have developed a super-resolution chromosome imaging and manipulation platform. This platform, consisting of microfluidics, optical tweezers and single-molecule super-resolution imaging combined into a correlative solution, allows the imaging and manipulation of metaphase chromosomes in real-time. Using this platform, researchers will address key challenges in clinical and fundamental chromosome research, potentially resulting in breakthrough discoveries.

Out of the lab. Into the market

The innovations made within the Chromavision project contributed to the development of the C-Trap™ Optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy system. To date, more than 15 labs in the world are using a C-Trap to investigate biological interactions at the single molecule level and are producing breakthrough science. Currently, we are further developing the chromosome imaging applications of the C-Trap with the aim to serve the fundamental chromosome biology market segment and unlock clinical applications.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Extending the scope of our technology to another industry has been a major benefit. Integrating machine learning into market-ready products is still a major effort and the framework program has helped us to foster our research and product development. The discussions and exchange with the other consortium partners have pushed the development of our product and services even further. We were able to access other industries more easily and received more attention in media through the project.

This innovation was funded via H2020 project Chromavision

Team behind the innovation



/futurium/en/file/optical-tweezers-fluorescence-microscopy-lumicks-c-traptmOptical Tweezers - Fluorescence Microscopy: LUMICKS C-Trap™