Multi-lingual, modular system for call center speech data analytics

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    18 September 2017 - updated 9 months ago
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Nowadays, the average contact center monitors only 2-3% of all calls, massively missing out on potentially valuable information. What if you could automatically analyse and extract information from up to 100% of your calls instead of a just a small fraction? Wouldn’t that be a great way to improve agent coaching and conversation quality? Simultaneously, by making anonymization possible and identifying critical terms during the conversation, technolgy developed by the EU-funded Bison project makes self-service and automation possible. 

What is the innovation

The EU-funded BISON project resulted in a completely new software platform, combining customer contact telephony solutions with speech processing- and voice biometrics technology. The software platform also enables big data analysis and includes dashboarding and data visualisation technology. A first completed version of the BISON solution is already used in production at a customer, while two other active systems are running at BISON consortium members EBOS (LUX) and ComData (CZ).

About the Innovator

MyForce is a Belgian SME, specialised in developing customer contact and data visualisation solutions and one partner in the EU-funded BISON project. The tech they are helping develop allows customer contact specialists, such as contact centers, to automatically analyse large amounts of voice-generated data. Applications of this solution are quality assurance, trend analysis, text mining, voice-biometrics based person identification and improvement of customer satisfaction. Another important feature is the automatic anonymization of recordings in line with the GDPR regulation.


Twitter: @MyForce_BE


Out of the lab – Into the Market

The first focal point of MyForce's go-to-market strategy was a focus on our existing contact center customers. Continuous interaction with our customers and other interested parties further defined the market needs. Keeping an agile development process in mind, our roadmaps are continuously updated to reflect this market demand. Currently, our scope is broadening as many of these market interactions taught us that the potential and possible use cases of BISON are far more widespread than customer contact alone.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The fact that the framework programme lets you operate within an international consortium is a great way to accelerate and encourage out-of-the box thinking and get a broader understanding of the market. BISON is the result of a well cooperating consortium consisting of universities, contact centers, IT- and technology firms, spread across various countries in Europe. Among other things, this helped MyForce think about integrating GDPR measures into the platform well before this became an important general topic.

For more details about the EU-funded Bison project visit the project website.