Plug&Play solution for IoT platforms interoperability

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    25 October 2018 - updated 6 months ago
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About the innovator

The XLAB Research team employs 30+ researchers in various ICT areas with access to more than 100 experts throughout the whole company. Our main focus is on research and innovation in cybersecurity, high-performance computing, data analytics, cloud and IoT. Key products are remote collaboration family of tools (ISL Online), medical remote interpretation tools (TeleTransfusion), 3D medical imaging software (MedicView), GIS solutions (NASA awarded solution GAEA+ and European Emergency Number Association awarded software SmartLocator) and cyber security tools (Device Monitor).

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What is the innovation

The IoT Interoperability Middleware (INTER-MW) provides core functionalities to facilitate interoperability among IoT platforms. It unifies views to all interconnected platforms, devices and services. The REST API further extends INTER-MW usability by exposing common functionalities through a widely used technology. Contributions within the project consortium and external partners have already delivered integration with Azure IoT Hub, sensiNact, SEAMS2 and WSO2 (logistics), universAAL, FIWARE, OM2M, and BodyCloud. The technology has been evaluated in two pilots (eHealth and logistics), thus reaching TRL 6/7.

Out of the lab. Into the market

INTER-MW, packed into a commercial solution, will first be offered as a B2B solution where the right partners will be selected based on their marketing and sales capabilities as well as the range of products and services they already offer. In this way, the Inter-MW solution can find a direct path to existing customers. In a secondary approach, we shall address potential customers throughout technological and use-case partners, as well as through cold sales approaches.  

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

As a research-oriented SME, we are bridging academia and industry, where our key goal is the provision of cutting-edge technology to highly demanding customers. Engagement in EU FP6, FP7, and H2020 projects (30+ in total) are crucial to boosting our innovative potential in cybersecurity, high-performance computing, data analytics, cloud, and IoT. Within our supportive environment, we delivered tangible results and innovative services through our start-ups: Koofr (hybrid storage solution), Olaii (cashless payments), mintPOS (payment solutions), Sentinel Marine Solutions (vessel IoT).This innovation was funded via H2020 project INTER - IoT

Team behind the innovation