Action 6: Outreach

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    26 February 2018 - updated 11 months ago
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The Partnership has an EU-wide representation from cities, Member States, NGOs and the European Commission. Through an international workshop and other communication channels, such as the FUTURIUM web platform, the Partnership has already gathered valuable inputs from stakeholders and started to spread its results.  However, more work is needed to further disseminate the outcomes of the Partnership’s work and to complement them with the views of an even larger number of stakeholders across Europe. Indeed, one of the objectives of the Partnership was also to try and involve other Member States and cities in the development and implementation of pilots where models and best practices could be tested.

Therefore, the Partnerships’ action is organising local/national/European Air Quality events to exchange experiences and be updated about scientific developments under EU-projects (e.g. FAIRMODE), UNEP, WHO, the UNECE Air Convention, etc. The events will be organised in different Member States and will be either national-/regional-oriented or have an international character.  Through these events the Partnership will seek to collect inputs on the new Action Plan, suggestions for additional Actions and/or Recommendations, and the involvement of other stakeholders in the Actions. Partners will additionally seek opportunities to participate in relevant international workshops organised by third parties to further improve the outreach of the Partnership’s communication activities on its results.

The leader of this action is The Netherlands.

More details on this action can be found in the Action Plan.


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