Action 1: Identification of gaps in regulation and implementation on air pollutant emission sources

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There will be a twofold action to address the issues concerning the regulation and implementation on air pollutant emission sources (detailed description of the issues can be found in the Action Plan). The first part of the action focuses on better implementation; the second on aspects related to better regulation.

  1. Better regulation:

- Encourage MS and local/regional administrations to adopt a continuous improvement approach to sources of PM and NOx (as these are the two pollutants that many MS struggle to legally comply with), taking action wherever possible.

- Focus on measures to accelerate the switch to low- and zero-emission vehicles (such as electric buses and cars) and zero-emission modes of transport (e.g. active modes), and to deploy digital and ITS solutions that would facilitate this transition.

- Further investigate the possibility to improve coherence of cities’ implementation approaches of Low Emission Zones (LEZs), e.g. via road pricing, speed limits or reducing on-road parking facilities. Collaboration with the Partnership on Urban Mobility will be considered.

  1. Better implementation:

- Based on the Partnership’s findings, provide input to EU level policy discussions, for example, to promote additional actions for national governments to remove/retrofit old installations, for local government to improve transport infrastructure, as well as initiatives on car sharing and on negative fiscal incentives for cars.

- City, stakeholder and national members of the partnership will set up a multilevel governance working group to provide input to the European Commission and/or established policy processes (including regulatory Committees, as relevant) on relevant policy and regulatory developments, e.g. during the Fitness Check of the EU Ambient Air Quality Directives. The European Commission will act as an observer in this group. The group will not replace other consultation processes put in place by the European Commission.

- Collaboration with the Partnership on Urban Mobility and with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy will be considered.

The coordinators for this action are the Greater London Authority and The Netherlands.

More details on this action can be found in the Action Plan.


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