What we do

What we do

The European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) puts EU foreign policy into action − fast and flexibly − in a policy-driven approach. It acts as first responder to foreign policy needs and opportunities, focusing on conflict prevention and peace, building alliances and leveraging the EU’s influence in the world. The Service plays a central role in implementing the European Commission’s political priorities in line with the EU’s Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy.

FPI’s financial toolbox

The Service’s financial toolbox includes instruments for conflict prevention and crisis response, for building alliances and leveraging the EU’s influence, and for promoting democracy worldwide.

FPI’s regulatory toolbox

The Service is responsible for regulatory instruments that support EU foreign policy objectives, namely to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds and in goods that could be used for the purposes of torture or capital punishment.

FPI at a glance

  • Commission service reporting to the High Representative/Vice-President;
  • Headquartered in Brussels with five Regional Teams across the globe covering the Americas, West and Central Africa, East and Southern Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia/Pacific region;
  • Fast and flexible, policy-driven action is in the Service’s DNA:
    • FPI supports conflict prevention, crisis response, civilian and political stabilisation and peace building around the world;
    • FPI promotes the EU’s interests and image in the world by building alliances and partnerships;
    • FPI protects EU values by helping to eliminate trade in so-called ‘conflict diamonds’ (Kimberley Process) and goods linked to torture and capital punishment.

FPI in the Commission

The Service for Foreign Policy Instruments was created in 2010, at the same time as the European External Action Service (EEAS).

FPI reports directly to the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell Fontelles. It works hand-in-hand with all Commission services and coordinates closely with the EEAS and EU Delegations on a daily basis.