Fish substitution - questions and answers

Fish substitution - questions and answers

Coordinated control plan in the marketing of fishery and aquaculture products

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why did the Commission coordinate a control plan on fishery and aquaculture products?

2. Why did the plan cover predominantly white fish species?

3. What are the main results of the control plan?

4. What are the reasons for the mislabelling?

5. What are the actions taken by the Member States for non-compliant samples?

6. What will be the follow-up to this coordinated control plan at European level?


Some clarifications of terms used in the plan

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a. What is the difference between unprocessed and processed fishery and aquaculture products?

b. What is the difference between the commercial name and the scientific name for fish species?

c. Which information related to fish species should be mandatorily provided to consumers?

d. Which mandatory labelling rules apply to restaurants and mass caterers?