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An EU sustainable food system framework - Have your say!

  • Uploaded on Tuesday 10 of May 2022
  • Author(s) European Commission

As part of the Farm to Fork Strategy, the Commission launched a public consultation on the sustainable food system framework (SFSF) initiative, which will also incorporate the sustainability labelling framework. The aim of SFSF is to ensure that all foods placed on the EU market increasingly become sustainable and will introduce sustainability definitions, objectives and principles, that are applicable to all the actors in the food system.

The consultation, which will run for 12 weeks, until 21/07/2022, is expected to gather opinions and evidence from all relevant stakeholders on the key issues the initiative aims to address. This consultation focusses on overarching issues related to food system sustainability. It will aim to receive input from citizens and a broad range of public and private stakeholders from EU and third countries. The questionnaire is accessible in all official EU languages. Additional consultation activities are also foreseen, including targeted surveys and expert workshops, consultation of relevant expert/sectorial groups of stakeholders and Member States and targeted consultations with other EU institutions. 

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