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FOODRUS Cooperation and Collaboration Network on Food Losses and Waste

  • Uploaded on Monday 25 of April 2022
  • Author(s) ELIKA - FOODRUS project

Projects under topic RUR-07-2020 and RUR-06-2020 are commonly referred to as SISTER projects due to their level of close cooperation. (CO-FRESH; FAIRCHAIN; LOWINFOOD; PLOUTOS; FOODRUS).

FOODRUS has built a Cooperation and Collaboration Network (CCN) with 30 other projects and initiatives which have worked on or are currently working in the field of food losses and food waste, including the 4 sister projects.

With these projects, FOODRUS aims to develop thematic discussions on tools and approaches for food loss and food waste prevention.

Through the working groups, projects share experiences and lessons learnt and identify gaps and barriers as well as best practices for the transition towards a more sustainable food system.

If you are interested in the conclusions of the first CCN webinar, which took place in February 2022, please click here.

The CCN members that collaborate with FOODRUS are displayed in a map in the FOODRUS webpage.

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