EU coordinated cases

EU coordinated cases

Thanks to the exchanges between the EU countries in the framework of the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation, consumer vigilance, industry vigilance and cooperation between the EU countries and non-EU countries and with the scientific support from the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), very concrete results have been achieved in the fight against food fraud at EU level.

In food fraud cases of potential EU relevance (several EU countries involved, potential widespread impact), the Commission services can, at the request of one or more EU countries or on its own initiative, coordinate a case or follow it up at EU level. In that context, assistance is regularly sought from the JRC for scientific support and from EFSA for risk assessment.

Below you'll find a few cases regarding food fraud that had a successful outcome.


Commission's contribution to Europol/Interpol action against fraudulent fresh tuna






Fraudulent addition of undeclared peanut to ground roasted hazelnuts from Georgia

Seafood from Vietnam treated with EU unauthorised drugs

Rhodamine B used to colour pickled turnips from Lebanon