The EU Food Fraud Network

The EU Food Fraud Network

Cooperation between officials with EU agri-food chain knowledge, police and customs officers with investigative powers, judges and prosecutors administrations is very important at national and EU level.

Since 2013, the EU Food Fraud Network allows the Member States and some other european countries to exchange information and to cooperate on a voluntary basis in matters where they are confronted with violations of the EU agri-food chain legislation of cross-border nature.

This helps the european countries involved to work in accordance with the rules laid down in the Official Controls Regulation in matters where the national authorities are confronted with possible intentional violations of the EU agri-food chain legislation with a cross-border impact.

The EU Food Fraud Network connects the bodies designated by each Member State, some other European countries (Switzerland, Norway and Iceland), representatives from the European Commission services and representatives from Europol.

It allows assisting and coordinating communication between competent authorities and, in particular, transmitting and receiving requests for assistance.

The liaisons bodies are required to exchange information necessary to enable the verification of compliance with EU agri-food chain legislation with their counterparts and, in certain cases, with the Commission, where the results of official controls require action in more than one country.

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