EU Food Fraud Network

EU Food Fraud Network

The EU Food Fraud Network (FFN) was set up in response to the horse meat crisis, with the aim of allowing the EU countries to work in accordance with the rules laid down in Articles 36-40 of the Official Controls Regulation (Regulation 882/2004, rules on administrative cooperation and assistance) in matters where the national authorities are confronted with possible intentional violations of food chain law with a cross-border impact.

The EU Food Fraud Network consists of:

  • 28 national contact points in the EU countries
  • Switzerland, Norway and Iceland
  • European Commission

Contact Points of the FFN

Representatives of the authorities designated by each EU country for the purpose of ensuring cross-border administrative cooperation with their counterparts in the other EU countries in matters of suspected intentional and economically motivated violations.

Use of the AAC system to request information from, or the assistance of, its counterpart in another EU country to pursue investigations or enforcement action in food fraud matters. In cases of potential EU relevance (several EU countries involved, potential widespread impact), the Commission services can coordinate a case or follow it up at EU level.

List of the EU Food Fraud Network contact points.

Contact DG SANTE/G5 - Food Fraud: