Control of TSEs (including BSE and scrapie)

Control of TSEs (including BSE and scrapie)

What are TSEs?

EU Legislation

European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 999/2001, known as "the TSE Regulation" is based on sound scientific advice.

The TSE Roadmaps

Two Commission Communications to the European Parliament and the Council, called "TSE roadmaps" have been adopted to inform on revisions to the TSE control system envisaged by the Commission. Most of the short and medium term measures envisaged in these two roadmaps have already been adopted by the Commission.

July 2005 TSE Roadmap 1 Commission Staff Working Document Questions and Answers
July 2010 TSE Roadmap 2 Commission Staff Working Document Press release

For all aspects regarding TSEs and BSE, please refer to the information displayed below:

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