EU marketing requirements

EU marketing requirements


Before registration, the variety's identity is tested for:

  • Distinctness;

  • Uniformity;

  • Stability;

  • Value for cultivation and use of the variety - for agricultural crops.

Each variety should have one name.


Certification and inspections guarantee the identity, health and quality of seeds and propagating material before marketing - whether they come from inside or outside the EU .


Seed and propagating material are marketed in:

  • Different marketing categories;

  • Homogenous lots where lots are identified for traceability reasons;

  • Specific requirements for packaging, sealing, labelling and documentation apply.


Under certain conditions, some EU countries are not obliged to apply these rules to some plant species that are not usually grown or marketed on their territory e.g. vines, some tree species.

The Commission grants exemptions after an EU country applies (Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/478).


Seed harvested outside the EU may only be marketed in the EU if it offers the same guarantees as officially certified EU seed. The seed's identity must be ensured throughout its marketing.

Beet seed

Oil & fibre plant seed

Cereal seed

Fodder plant seed

Seed potatoes

Fruit plant propagating material

Vegetable seed and propagating material

Vine propagating material

Ornamental plant propagating material

Forest reproductive material