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Status under Reg. (EC) No 1107/2009 (repealing Directive 91/414/EEC )
Legislation 03/166/EC    

Risk Assessment Commission
Category IN, RE Review Report
Authorisation at national level
No authorisation in place
EU - Maximum Residue Levels (Reg. (EC) No 396/2005) (MRLs)
Legislation Annexes
  • Parathion-methyl (sum of Parathion-methyl and paraoxon-methyl expressed as Parathion-methyl)
    MRLs Annex II
  • Annex IIIB
Classification Reg. 1272/2008
Flam. Liq. 3 - H226 Acute Tox. 2 - H300
Acute Tox. 3 - H311 Acute Tox. 2 - H330
STOT RE 2 - H373 Aquatic Acute 1 - H400
Aquatic Chronic 1 - H410  
Toxicological information
No Toxicological information
  • RMS:Rapporteur Member State
  • Co-RMS:Co-Rapporteur Member State
  • ADI:Acceptable daily intake
  • ARfD:Acute reference dose
  • AOEL:Acceptable operator exposure level