Selected product: Sesame seeds

Code Number Name Scientific Name
Part of the product to which MRLs apply
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Current MRL values for the product

Pesticide residue Maximum residue level (mg/kg)
1,1-dichloro-2,2-bis(4-ethylphenyl)ethane (F) 0.01*
1,2-dibromoethane (ethylene dibromide) (F) 0.02*
1,2-dichloroethane (ethylene dichloride) (F) 0.02*
1,3-Dichloropropene 0.01*
1-Naphthylacetamide and 1-naphthylacetic acid (sum of 1-naphthylacetamide and 1-naphthylacetic acid and its salts, expressed as 1-naphythlacetic acid) 0.06*
1-methylcyclopropene 0.02*
2,4,5-T (sum of 2,4,5-T, its salts and esters, expressed as 2,4,5-T) (F) 0.02*
2,4-D (sum of 2,4-D, its salts, its esters and its conjugates, expressed as 2,4-D) 0.05*
2,4-DB (sum of 2,4-DB, its salts, its esters and its conjugates, expressed as 2,4-DB) (R) 0.05*
2,5-dichlorobenzoic acid methylester (sum of 2,5-dichlorobenzoic acid and its ester expressed as 2,5-dichlorobenzoic acid methylester) 0.01*
2-amino-4-methoxy-6-(trifluormethyl)-1,3,5-triazine (AMTT), resulting from the use of tritosulfuron (F) 0.01*
2-naphthyloxyacetic acid 0.02*
2-phenylphenol (sum of 2-phenylphenol and its conjugates, expressed as 2-phenylphenol) (R) 0.01*
3-decen-2-one 0.1*
8-hydroxyquinoline (sum of 8-hydroxyquinoline and its salts, expressed as 8-hydroxyquinoline) 0.01*
Abamectin (sum of avermectin B1a, avermectin B1b and delta-8,9 isomer of avermectin B1a, expressed as avermectin B1a) (R) (F) 0.01*
Acephate 0.02*
Acequinocyl 0.01*
Acetamiprid (R) 0.01*
Acetochlor 0.01*
Acibenzolar-S-methyl (sum of acibenzolar-S-methyl and acibenzolar acid (free and conjugated), expressed as acibenzolar-S-methyl) 0.01*
Aclonifen 0.01*
Acrinathrin (F) 0.02*
Alachlor 0.02*
Aldicarb (sum of aldicarb, its sulfoxide and its sulfone, expressed as aldicarb) 0.05*
Aldrin and Dieldrin (Aldrin and dieldrin combined expressed as dieldrin) (F) 0.02
Ametoctradin (R) 0.01*
Amidosulfuron (R) (A) 0.01*
Aminopyralid 0.01*
Amisulbrom 0.01*
Amitraz (amitraz including the metabolites containing the 2,4 -dimethylaniline moiety expressed as amitraz) 0.05*
Amitrole 0.02*
Anilazine 0.02*
Anthraquinone (F) 0.02*
Aramite (F) 0.01*
Asulam 0.1*
Atrazine (F) 0.05*
Azadirachtin 0.01*
Azimsulfuron 0.01*
Azinphos-ethyl (F) 0.02*
Azinphos-methyl (F) 0.05*
Azocyclotin and Cyhexatin (sum of azocyclotin and cyhexatin expressed as cyhexatin) 0.02*
Azoxystrobin 0.01*
Barban (F) 0.02*
Beflubutamid 0.02*
Benalaxyl including other mixtures of constituent isomers including benalaxyl-M (sum of isomers) 0.05*
Benfluralin (F) 0.02*
Bensulfuron-methyl 0.01*
Bentazone (Sum of bentazone, its salts and 6-hydroxy (free and conjugated) and 8-hydroxy bentazone (free and conjugated), expressed as bentazone) (R) 0.03*
Benthiavalicarb (Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl(KIF-230 R-L) and its enantiomer (KIF-230 S-D) and its diastereomers(KIF-230 S-L and KIF-230 R-D), expressed as benthiavalicarb-isopropyl) (A) 0.02*
Benzalkonium chloride (mixture of alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chlorides with alkyl chain lengths of C8, C10, C12, C14, C16 and C18) 0.1
Benzovindiflupyr 0.01*
Bicyclopyrone (sum of bicyclopyrone and its structurally related metabolites determined as the sum of the common moieties 2-(2- methoxyethoxymethyl)-6-(trifluoromethyl) pyridine-3-carboxylic acid (SYN503780) and (2-(2-hydroxyethoxymethyl)-6- (trifluoromethyl)pyridine-3-carboxylic acid (CSCD686480), expressed as bicyclopyrone)
Bifenazate (sum of bifenazate plus bifenazate-diazene expressed as bifenazate) (F) 0.05*
Bifenox (F) 0.01*
Bifenthrin (sum of isomers) (F) 0.02*
Biphenyl 0.01*
Bispyribac (sum of bispyribac, its salts and its esters, expressed as bispyribac) 0.01*
Bitertanol (sum of isomers) (F) 0.02*
Bixafen (R) 0.01*
Bone oil 0.01*
Boscalid (R) (F) 1.0
Bromadiolone 0.01*
Bromide ion 20.0
Bromophos-ethyl (F) 0.02*
Bromopropylate (F) 0.02*
Bromoxynil and its salts, expressed as bromoxynil 0.01*
Bromuconazole (sum of diasteroisomers) (F) 0.01*
Bupirimate 0.05*
Buprofezin (F) 0.01*
Butralin 0.02*
Butylate 0.02*
Cadusafos 0.01*
Camphechlor (Toxaphene) (R) (F) 0.02*
Captafol (F) 0.05*
Captan (Sum of captan and THPI, expressed as captan) (R) 0.07*
Carbaryl (F) 0.05*
Carbendazim and benomyl (sum of benomyl and carbendazim expressed as carbendazim) (R) 0.1*
Carbetamide (sum of carbetamide and its S isomer) 0.02*
Carbofuran (sum of carbofuran (including any carbofuran generated from carbosulfan, benfuracarb or furathiocarb) and 3-OH carbofuran expressed as carbofuran) (R) 0.02*
Carbon monoxide 0.01*
Carbon tetrachloride
Carboxin (carboxin plus its metabolites carboxin sulfoxide and oxycarboxin (carboxin sulfone), expressed as carboxin) 0.05*
Carfentrazone-ethyl (determined as carfentrazone and expressed as carfentrazone-ethyl) 0.02*
Chlorantraniliprole (DPX E-2Y45) (F) 0.01*
Chlorate (A) 0.05
Chlorbenside (F) 0.01*
Chlorbufam (F) 0.02*
Chlordane (sum of cis- and trans-chlordane) (R) (F) 0.02*
Chlordecone (F) 0.01*
Chlorfenapyr 0.02*
Chlorfenson (F) 0.01*
Chlorfenvinphos (F) 0.02*
Chloridazon (sum of chloridazon and chloridazon-desphenyl, expressed as chloridazon) (R) 0.1*
Chlormequat (sum of chlormequat and its salts, expressed as chlormequat-chloride) 0.01*
Chlorobenzilate (F) 0.02*
Chloropicrin 0.01*
Chlorothalonil (R) 0.01*
Chlorotoluron 0.02*
Chloroxuron (F) 0.02*
Chlorpropham (R) (F) 0.01*
Chlorpyrifos (F) 0.01*
Chlorpyrifos-methyl (R) (F) 0.01*
Chlorsulfuron 0.05*
Chlorthal-dimethyl 0.02*
Chlorthiamid 0.02*
Chlozolinate (F) 0.02*
Chromafenozide 0.01*
Cinidon-ethyl (sum of cinidon ethyl and its E-isomer) 0.05*
Clethodim (sum of Sethoxydim and Clethodim including degradation products calculated as Sethoxydim) 0.1
Clodinafop and its S-isomers and their salts, expressed as clodinafop (F) 0.05*
Clofentezine (R) 0.05*
Clomazone 0.02*
Clopyralid 0.5
Clothianidin 0.02*
Copper compounds (Copper) 30.0
Cyanamide including salts expressed as cyanamide 0.01*
Cyantraniliprole 0.01*
Cyazofamid 0.02*
Cyclanilide (F) 0.05*
Cyclaniliprole 0.01*
Cycloxydim including degradation and reaction products which can be determined as 3-(3-thianyl)glutaric acid S-dioxide (BH 517-TGSO2) and/or 3-hydroxy-3-(3-thianyl)glutaric acid S-dioxide (BH 517-5-OH-TGSO2) or methyl esters thereof, calculated in total as cycloxydim 0.2
Cyflufenamid (sum of cyflufenamid (Z-isomer) and its E-isomer, expressed as cyflufenamid) (R) (A) 0.01*
Cyfluthrin (cyfluthrin including other mixtures of constituent isomers (sum of isomers)) (F) 0.02*
Cyhalofop-butyl 0.05*
Cymoxanil 0.01*
Cypermethrin (cypermethrin including other mixtures of constituent isomers (sum of isomers)) (F) 0.2
Cyproconazole (F) 0.05*
Cyprodinil (R) (F) 0.02*
Cyromazine 0.05*
DDT (sum of p,p´-DDT, o,p´-DDT, p-p´-DDE and p,p´-TDE (DDD) expressed as DDT) (F) 0.05*
DNOC 0.02*
Dalapon 0.1
Daminozide (sum of daminozide and 1,1-dimethyl-hydrazine (UDHM), expressed as daminozide) 0.1*
Dazomet (Methylisothiocyanate resulting from the use of dazomet and metam) 0.02*
Deltamethrin (cis-deltamethrin) (F) 0.02*
Denatonium benzoate (sum of denatonium and its salts, expressed as denatonium benzoate) 0.01*
Desmedipham 0.01*
Di-allate (sum of isomers) (F) 0.02*
Diazinon (F) 0.02*
Dicamba 0.05*
Dichlobenil 0.02*
Dichlorprop (Sum of dichlorprop (including dichlorprop-P), its salts, esters and conjugates, expressed as dichlorprop) (R) 0.02*
Dichlorvos 0.01*
Diclofop-methyl (sum of isomers), (Sum of diclofop-methyl, diclofop acid and its salts) 0.05*
Dicloran 0.01*
Dicofol (sum of p, p´ and o,p´ isomers) (F) 0.05*
Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (mixture of alkyl-quaternary ammonium salts with alkyl chain lengths of C8, C10 and C12) 0.1
Diethofencarb 0.01*
Difenoconazole 0.05*
Diflubenzuron (R) (F) 0.01*
Diflufenican (F) 0.01*
Difluoroacetic acid (DFA) 0.05
Dimethachlor 0.01*
Dimethenamid including other mixtures of constituent isomers including dimethenamid-P (sum of isomers) 0.01*
Dimethipin 0.1*
Dimethoate 0.01*
Dimethomorph (sum of isomers) 0.02*
Dimoxystrobin (R) (A) 0.01*
Diniconazole (sum of isomers) 0.02*
Dinocap (sum of dinocap isomers and their corresponding phenols expressed as dinocap) (Where only meptyldinocap or its corresponding phenol are detected but none of the other components constituting dinocap (including their corresponding phenols), the MRLs and residue definition of meptyldinocap are to be applied.) (F) 0.05*
Dinoseb (sum of dinoseb, its salts, dinoseb-acetate and binapacryl, expressed as dinoseb) 0.05*
Dinoterb (sum of dinoterb, its salts and esters, expressed as dinoterb) 0.02*
Dioxathion (sum of isomers) (F) 0.02*
Diphenylamine 0.05*
Diquat 0.1
Disulfoton (sum of disulfoton, disulfoton sulfoxide and disulfoton sulfone expressed as disulfoton) (F) 0.02*
Dithianon 0.02
Dithiocarbamates (dithiocarbamates expressed as CS2, including maneb, mancozeb, metiram, propineb, thiram and ziram) 0.1*
Diuron 0.02*
Dodemorph 0.01*
Dodine 0.01*
EPTC (ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate) 0.02*
Emamectin benzoate B1a, expressed as emamectin 0.01*
Endosulfan (sum of alpha- and beta-isomers and endosulfan-sulphate expressed as endosulfan) (F) 0.1*
Endrin (F) 0.01*
Epoxiconazole (F) 0.05*
Ethalfluralin 0.01*
Ethametsulfuron-methyl 0.02*
Ethephon 0.1*
Ethion 0.02*
Ethirimol 0.05*
Ethofumesate (Sum of ethofumesate, 2-keto–ethofumesate, open-ring-2-keto-ethofumesate and its conjugate, expressed as ethofumesate) 0.03*
Ethoprophos 0.02*
Ethoxyquin (F) 0.1*
Ethoxysulfuron 0.02*
Ethylene oxide (sum of ethylene oxide and 2-chloro-ethanol expressed as ethylene oxide) (F) 0.05*
Etofenprox (F) 0.01*
Etoxazole 0.01*
Etridiazole 0.05*
Famoxadone (F) 0.01*
Fenamidone 0.01*
Fenamiphos (sum of fenamiphos and its sulphoxide and sulphone expressed as fenamiphos) 0.02*
Fenarimol 0.02*
Fenazaquin 0.01*
Fenbuconazole (sum of constituent enantiomers) 0.01*
Fenbutatin oxide (F) 0.02*
Fenchlorphos (sum of fenchlorphos and fenchlorphos oxon expressed as fenchlorphos) 0.01*
Fenhexamid (F) 0.02*
Fenitrothion 0.02*
Fenoxaprop-P 0.1
Fenoxycarb 0.01*
Fenpicoxamid (R) (F) 0.01*
Fenpropathrin 0.01*
Fenpropidin (sum of fenpropidin and its salts, expressed as fenpropidin) (R) (A) 0.01*
Fenpropimorph (sum of isomers) (R) (F) 0.01*
Fenpyrazamine (F) 0.01*
Fenpyroximate (R) (F) (A) 0.01*
Fenthion (fenthion and its oxigen analogue, their sulfoxides and sulfone expressed as parent) (F) 0.02*
Fentin (fentin including its salts, expressed as triphenyltin cation) (F) 0.05*
Fenvalerate (any ratio of constituent isomers (RR, SS, RS & SR) including esfenvalerate) (R) (F) 0.05*
Fipronil (sum fipronil + sulfone metabolite (MB46136) expressed as fipronil) (F) 0.005*
Flazasulfuron 0.01*
Flonicamid (sum of flonicamid, TFNA and TFNG expressed as flonicamid) (R) 0.06*
Florasulam 0.01*
Florpyrauxifen-benzyl 0.01*
Fluazifop-P (sum of all the constituent isomers of fluazifop, its esters and its conjugates, expressed as fluazifop) 0.01*
Fluazinam (F) 0.01*
Flubendiamide (F) 0.01*
Flucycloxuron (F) 0.02*
Flucythrinate (flucythrinate including other mixtures of constituent isomers (sum of isomers)) (F) 0.02*
Fludioxonil (R) (F) 0.01*
Flufenacet (sum of all compounds containing the N fluorophenyl-N-isopropyl moiety expressed as flufenacet) 0.05*
Flufenoxuron (F) 0.05*
Flufenzin 0.05*
Flumetralin (F) 0.01*
Flumioxazine 0.05*
Fluometuron 0.01*
Fluopicolide 0.01*
Fluopyram (R) 0.3
Fluoride ion 2.0*
Fluoroglycofene 0.01*
Fluoxastrobin (sum of fluoxastrobin and its Z-isomer) (R) 0.01*
Flupyradifurone 0.01*
Flupyrsulfuron-methyl 0.02*
Fluquinconazole (F) 0.01*
Flurochloridone (sum of cis- and trans- isomers) (F) 0.01*
Fluroxypyr (sum of fluroxypyr, its salts, its esters, and its conjugates, expressed as fluroxypyr) (R) (A) 0.01*
Flurprimidole 0.02*
Flurtamone 0.01*
Flusilazole (R) (F) 0.01*
Flutianil 0.01*
Flutolanil (R) 0.01*
Flutriafol 0.02*
Fluvalinate (sum of isomers) resulting from the use of tau-fluvalinate (F) 0.01*
Fluxapyroxad 0.9
Folpet (sum of folpet and phtalimide, expressed as folpet) (R) 0.07*
Fomesafen 0.02*
Foramsulfuron 0.02*
Forchlorfenuron 0.02*
Formetanate: Sum of formetanate and its salts expressed as formetanate (hydrochloride) 0.01*
Formothion 0.02*
Fosetyl-Al (sum of fosetyl, phosphonic acid and their salts, expressed as fosetyl) 2.0*
Fosthiazate 0.05*
Fuberidazole 0.01*
Furfural 1.0
Glufosinate (sum of glufosinate isomers, its salts and its metabolites 3-[hydroxy(methyl)phosphinoyl]propionic acid (MPP) and N-acetyl-glufosinate (NAG), expressed as glufosinate) 0.03*
Glyphosate 0.1*
Guazatine (guazatine acetate, sum of components) 0.05*
Halauxifen-methyl (sum of halauxifen-methyl and X11393729 (halauxifen), expressed as halauxifen-methyl) 0.05*
Halosulfuron methyl 0.01*
Haloxyfop (Sum of haloxyfop, its esters, salts and conjugates expressed as haloxyfop (sum of the R- and S- isomers at any ratio)) (R) (F) 0.01*
Heptachlor (sum of heptachlor and heptachlor epoxide expressed as heptachlor) (F) 0.01*
Hexachlorobenzene (F) 0.02*
Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), alpha-isomer (F) 0.01*
Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), beta-isomer (F) 0.01*
Hexaconazole 0.02*
Hexythiazox 0.5
Hydrogen cyanide (cyanides expressed as hydrogen cyanide)
Hymexazol 0.05*
Imazalil (any ratio of constituent isomers) (R) 0.01*
Imazamox (Sum of imazamox and its salts, expressed as imazamox) 0.05*
Imazapic 0.01*
Imazaquin 0.05*
Imazosulfuron 0.02*
Imidacloprid 0.05*
Indolylacetic acid 0.1*
Indolylbutyric acid 0.1*
Indoxacarb (sum of indoxacarb and its R enantiomer) (F) 0.02*
Iodosulfuron-methyl (sum of iodosulfuron-methyl and its salts, expressed as iodosulfuron-methyl) 0.02*
Ioxynil (sum of ioxynil and its salts, expressed as ioxynil) 0.01*
Ipconazole (F) 0.01*
Iprodione (R) 0.01*
Iprovalicarb 0.02*
Isofetamid 0.01*
Isoprothiolane 0.01*
Isoproturon 0.01*
Isopyrazam 0.01*
Isoxaben 0.02*
Isoxaflutole (sum of isoxaflutole and its diketonitrile-metabolite, expressed as isoxaflutole) 0.02*
Kresoxim-methyl (R) 0.01*
Lactofen 0.02*
Lambda-cyhalothrin (includes gamma-cyhalothrin) (sum of R,S and S,R isomers) (F) 0.2
Lenacil 0.1*
Lindane (Gamma-isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH)) (F) 0.01*
Linuron 0.01*
Lufenuron (any ratio of constituent isomers) (F) 0.01*
MCPA and MCPB (MCPA, MCPB including their salts, esters and conjugates expressed as MCPA) (R) (F) 0.1*
Malathion (sum of malathion and malaoxon expressed as malathion) 0.02*
Maleic hydrazide 0.5*
Mandestrobin 0.01*
Mandipropamid (any ratio of constituent isomers) 0.01*
Mecarbam 0.01*
Mecoprop (sum of mecoprop-p and mecoprop expressed as mecoprop) 0.05*
Mefentrifluconazole 0.01*
Mepanipyrim 0.02*
Mepiquat (sum of mepiquat and its salts, expressed as mepiquat chloride) 0.05*
Mepronil 0.02*
Meptyldinocap (sum of 2,4 DNOPC and 2,4 DNOP expressed as meptyldinocap) 0.05*
Mercury compounds (sum of mercury compounds expressed as mercury) 0.02
Mesosulfuron-methyl 0.02*
Mesotrione 0.01*
Metaflumizone (sum of E- and Z- isomers) 0.05*
Metalaxyl and metalaxyl-M (metalaxyl including other mixtures of constituent isomers including metalaxyl-M (sum of isomers)) (R) 0.01*
Metaldehyde 0.6
Metamitron 0.1*
Metazachlor (Sum of metabolites 479M04, 479M08 and 479M16, expressed as metazachlor) (R) 0.02*
Metconazole (sum of isomers) (F) 0.05*
Methabenzthiazuron 0.02*
Methacrifos 0.02*
Methamidophos 0.02*
Methidathion 0.05*
Methiocarb (sum of methiocarb and methiocarb sulfoxide and sulfone, expressed as methiocarb) 0.1*
Methomyl 0.01*
Methoprene 0.05*
Methoxychlor (F) 0.01*
Methoxyfenozide (F) 0.01*
Metolachlor and S-metolachlor (metolachlor including other mixtures of constituent isomers including S-metolachlor (sum of isomers)) 0.05*
Metosulam 0.01*
Metrafenone (F) 0.01*
Metribuzin 0.1*
Metsulfuron-methyl 0.01*
Mevinphos (sum of E- and Z-isomers) 0.01*
Milbemectin (sum of milbemycin A4 and milbemycin A3, expressed as milbemectin) 0.02*
Molinate 0.02*
Monocrotophos 0.02*
Monolinuron 0.02*
Monuron 0.02*
Myclobutanil (sum of constituent isomers) (R) 0.01*
Napropamide (sum of isomers) 0.02
Nicosulfuron 0.02*
Nitrofen (F) 0.02*
Novaluron (F) 0.01*
Omethoate 0.01*
Orthosulfamuron 0.01*
Oryzalin (F) 0.01*
Oxadiargyl 0.01*
Oxadiazon 0.05*
Oxadixyl 0.02*
Oxamyl 0.01*
Oxasulfuron 0.01*
Oxathiapiprolin 0.01*
Oxycarboxin 0.02*
Oxydemeton-methyl (sum of oxydemeton-methyl and demeton-S-methylsulfone expressed as oxydemeton-methyl) 0.02*
Oxyfluorfen 0.05*
Paclobutrazol (sum of constituent isomers) 0.01*
Paraffin oil (CAS 64742-54-7) 0.01*
Paraquat 0.02*
Parathion (F) 0.05*
Parathion-methyl (sum of Parathion-methyl and paraoxon-methyl expressed as Parathion-methyl) 0.02*
Penconazole (sum of constituent isomers) (F) 0.01*
Pencycuron (F) 0.05*
Pencycuron (sum of pencycuron and pencycuron-PB-amine, expressed as pencycuron) (R) (F) (A) 0.02*
Pendimethalin (F) 0.05*
Penoxsulam 0.01*
Penthiopyrad 0.01*
Permethrin (sum of isomers) (F) 0.05*
Pethoxamid 0.01*
Petroleum oils (CAS 92062-35-6) 0.01*
Phenmedipham 0.01*
Phenothrin (phenothrin including other mixtures of constituent isomers (sum of isomers)) (F) 0.05*
Phorate (sum of phorate, its oxygen analogue and their sulfones expressed as phorate) 0.02*
Phosalone 0.02*
Phosmet (phosmet and phosmet oxon expressed as phosmet) (R) 0.05*
Phosphamidon 0.01*
Phosphane and phosphide salts (sum of phosphane and phosphane generators (relevant phosphide salts), determined and expressed as phosphane) 0.05
Phoxim (F) 0.02*
Picloram 0.01*
Picolinafen 0.01*
Picoxystrobin (F) 0.01*
Pinoxaden 0.02*
Pirimicarb (R) 0.02*
Pirimiphos-methyl (F) 0.5
Prochloraz (sum of prochloraz, BTS 44595 (M201-04) and BTS 44596 (M201-03), expressed as prochloraz) (F) 0.03*
Procymidone (R) 0.02*
Profenofos (F) 0.02*
Profoxydim 0.01*
Prohexadione (prohexadione (acid) and its salts expressed as prohexadione-calcium) 0.01*
Propachlor: oxalinic derivate of propachlor, expressed as propachlor 0.05*
Propamocarb (Sum of propamocarb and its salts, expressed as propamocarb) (R) 0.01*
Propanil 0.05*
Propargite (F) 0.02*
Propham 0.02*
Propiconazole (sum of isomers) (F) 0.01*
Propineb (expressed as propilendiamine) 0.1*
Propisochlor 0.01*
Propoxur 0.05*
Propoxycarbazone (propoxycarbazone, its salts and 2-hydroxypropoxycarbazone expressed as propoxycarbazone) (A) 0.05*
Propyzamide (R) (F) 0.01*
Proquinazid (R) 0.02*
Prosulfocarb 0.02*
Prosulfuron 0.02*
Prothioconazole: prothioconazole-desthio (sum of isomers) (F) 0.02*
Pymetrozine (R) 0.02*
Pyraclostrobin (F) 0.2
Pyraflufen-ethyl (Sum of pyraflufen-ethyl and pyraflufen, expressed as pyraflufen-ethyl) 0.02*
Pyrasulfotole 0.01*
Pyrazophos (F) 0.02*
Pyrethrins 3.0
Pyridaben (F) 0.01*
Pyridalyl 0.01*
Pyridate (sum of pyridate, its hydrolysis product CL 9673 (6-chloro-4-hydroxy-3-phenylpyridazin) and hydrolysable conjugates of CL 9673 expressed as pyridate) 0.05*
Pyrimethanil (R) 0.02*
Pyriproxyfen (F) 0.05*
Pyroxsulam 0.01*
Quinalphos (F) 0.02*
Quinclorac 0.02*
Quinmerac 0.1*
Quinoclamine 0.02*
Quinoxyfen (F) 0.05*
Quintozene (sum of quintozene and pentachloro-aniline expressed as quintozene) (F) 0.05*
Quizalofop (sum of quizalofop, its salts, its esters (including propaquizafop) and its conjugates, expressed as quizalofop (any ratio of constituent isomers)) 0.01*
Resmethrin (resmethrin including other mixtures of consituent isomers (sum of isomers)) (F) 0.02*
Rimsulfuron 0.02*
Rotenone 0.02*
Saflufenacil (sum of saflufenacil, M800H11 and M800H35, expressed as saflufenacil) (R) 0.03*
Sedaxane (sum of isomers) 0.01*
Silthiofam 0.02*
Simazine 0.02*
Sintofen 0.01*
Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate, sodium o-nitrophenolate and sodium p-nitrophenolate (Sum of sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate, sodium o-nitrophenolate and sodium p-nitrophenolate, expressed as sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate) 0.03*
Spinetoram (XDE-175) 0.05*
Spinosad (spinosad, sum of spinosyn A and spinosyn D) (F) 0.02*
Spirodiclofen (F) 0.02*
Spiromesifen 0.02*
Spirotetramat and its 4 metabolites BYI08330-enol, BYI08330-ketohydroxy, BYI08330-monohydroxy, and BYI08330 enol-glucoside, expressed as spirotetramat (R) 0.1*
Spiroxamine (sum of isomers) (R) (A) 0.05*
Sulcotrione (R) 0.05*
Sulfosulfuron 0.02*
Sulfoxaflor (sum of isomers) 0.02*
Sulfuryl fluoride 0.01*
TEPP 0.01*
Tau-Fluvalinate (F) 0.02*
Tebuconazole (R) 0.02*
Tebufenozide (F) 0.01*
Tebufenpyrad (F) 0.01*
Tecnazene (F) 0.02*
Teflubenzuron (F) 0.02*
Tefluthrin (F) 0.05
Tembotrione (Sum of parent tembotrione (AE 0172747) and its metabolite M5 (4,6-dihydroxy tembotrione), expressed as tembotrione) (R) 0.02*
Tepraloxydim (sum of tepraloxydim and its metabolites that can be hydrolysed either to the moiety 3-(tetrahydro-pyran-4-yl)-glutaric acid or to the moiety 3-hydroxy-(tetrahydro-pyran-4-yl)-glutaric acid, expressed as tepraloxydim) 0.1*
Terbufos 0.01*
Terbuthylazine (R) (F) 0.1
Tetraconazole (F) 0.02*
Tetradifon 0.02*
Thiabendazole (R) 0.02*
Thiacloprid 0.02*
Thiamethoxam 0.02*
Thifensulfuron-methyl 0.01*
Thiobencarb (4-chlorobenzyl methyl sulfone) (A) 0.02*
Thiodicarb 0.01*
Thiophanate-methyl (R) 0.1*
Thiram (expressed as thiram) 0.1*
Tolclofos-methyl (F) 0.01*
Tolylfluanid (Sum of tolylfluanid and dimethylaminosulfotoluidide expressed as tolylfluanid) (R) (F) 0.02*
Topramezone (BAS 670H) 0.01
Tralkoxydim (sum of the constituent isomers of tralkoxydim) 0.01*
Tri-allate 0.1*
Triadimefon (F) 0.01*
Triadimenol (any ratio of constituent isomers) 0.01*
Triasulfuron 0.01*
Triazophos (F) 0.01*
Triazoxide 0.005*
Tribenuron-methyl 0.01*
Trichlorfon 0.02*
Triclopyr 0.01*
Tricyclazole 0.01*
Tridemorph (F) 0.02*
Trifloxystrobin (R) (F) 0.01*
Triflumizole: Triflumizole and metabolite FM-6-1(N-(4-chloro-2-trifluoromethylphenyl)-n-propoxyacetamidine), expressed as Triflumizole (R) (F) 0.02*
Triflumuron (F) 0.01*
Trifluralin 0.01*
Triflusulfuron (6-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine (IN-M7222)) (A) 0.02*
Triforine 0.02*
Trimethyl-sulfonium cation, resulting from the use of glyphosate (F) 0.05*
Trinexapac (sum of trinexapac (acid) and its salts, expressed as trinexapac) 0.01*
Triticonazole 0.02*
Tritosulfuron 0.01*
Valifenalate 0.01*
Vinclozolin 0.02*
Warfarin 0.01*
Ziram 0.1*
Zoxamide 0.05*
zzz.Entry to be deleted1 0.02*
zzz.Entry to be deleted10
zzz.Entry to be deleted11 0.02*
zzz.Entry to be deleted12 0.05*
zzz.Entry to be deleted2 0.05*
zzz.Entry to be deleted3 0.02*
zzz.Entry to be deleted4 0.1*
zzz.Entry to be deleted5 0.05*
zzz.Entry to be deleted6 0.05*
zzz.Entry to be deleted9 0.05*