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Contact details of BCPs and CPs - Food and feed of non-animal origin


Notice to stakeholders withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU Food Law

Certain food and feed of non-animal origin are subject to increased levels of official import controls, as set out in Regulation (EU) 2021/608. The list of products subject to increased level of attention and control at borders is included in Annexes I and II to the Regulation. It is regularly updated based on information from various sources, including:

The enhanced control mechanism means that competent authorities will:

  • carry out systematic (100%) checks on documents accompanying the consignments,
  • conduct physical checks, including laboratory analysis, at a frequency defined in the Annexes to Regulation (EU) 2019/1793.

Additionally, products listed in Annex II to the Regulation shall be accompanied by the results of sampling and analyses performed by the competent authorities of the relevant third country and by an official certificate.

List of Border Control Posts (BCPs) and Control Points (CPs) other than BCPs designated for official controls on certain food and feed of non-animal origin

Austria: BCP and CP list (food) Italy: BCP and CP list (food)
Belgium: BCP list - CP list Latvia: BCP lists
Bulgaria: BCP list - CP list Lithuania: BCP and CP lists
Croatia: BCP list - CP list Luxembourg
Cyprus: BCP and CP list (food) Malta
Czech Republic: BCP and CP list Netherlands
Denmark: BCP list - CP list Poland: BCP list (food) & CP list (food) - BCP list (feed)
Estonia: BCP list Portugal: BCP list - BCP list(feed) - CP list (food)
Finland: BCP list - CP list (food) - CP list (feed) Romania: BCP and CP list
France: BCP and CP list Slovakia: BCP and CP list - BCP and CP list (FCM) - BCP list (feed)
Germany Slovenia: BCP list and CP list
Greece: BCP and CP list (food) Spain: Human consumption - Non-human consumption
Hungary: BCP list - CP list Sweden: BCP list (food) - BCP list (feed)
Iceland: BCP and CP list
Ireland Norway: BCP list
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)

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