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Food Safety

Sustainable food processing, wholesale, retail, hospitality and food services

The Farm to Fork Strategy will mobilise the food industry to increase the availability and affordability of healthy, sustainable food options. The goal is to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the food system and make the adoption of healthy diets easier.

The European Commission will take action to expand and promote sustainable production methods and circular business models in food processing and retail, including specifically for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The strategy sets out the following actions for sustainable food processing and distribution:

Sustainable food processing table

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  • Initiative to improve the corporate governance framework, including a requirement for the food industry to integrate sustainability into corporate strategies

  • Develop an EU code and monitoring framework for responsible business and marketing conduct in the food supply chain

  • Launch initiatives to stimulate reformulation of processed food, including the setting of maximum levels for certain nutrients

  • Set nutrient profiles to restrict promotion of food high in salt, sugars and/or fat

  • Proposal for a revision of EU legislation on Food Contact Materials to improve food safety, ensure citizens’ health and reduce the environmental footprint of the sector

  • Proposal for a revision of EU marketing standards for agricultural, fishery and aquaculture products to ensure the uptake and supply of sustainable products

  • Enhance coordination to enforce single market rules and tackle Food Fraud, including by considering a reinforced use of OLAF’s investigative capacities

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