Advisory Group - Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health

Advisory Group - Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health

An Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health (Advisory Group) has been established by Decision 2004/613/EC to consult stakeholders in an open and transparent way at the European level during the preparation, revision and evaluation of EU food legislation.

It provides the European Commission with stakeholders' views on food safety policy, and specifically on issues related to:

  • food and feed safety

  • food and feed labelling and presentation

  • human nutrition in relation to food legislation

  • animal health and welfare

  • matters related to plant health.


  • Discussion of general policy issues at twice-yearly plenary sessions

  • Sub-groups on animal health (Animal Health Advisory Committee), plant health and plant propagating materials)

  • Consideration of specific/more technical issues in ad-hoc working groups, to which representatives of non-member organisations may also be invited


The Advisory Group is composed of 45 EU-level stakeholder organisations representing farmers, cooperatives, the food industry, retailers, consumers, professionals and civil society. In 2017 the Commission revised the membership via the Call for applications, in particular to take into account the requirements set up by the revised horizontal rules for Commission Expert groups.

Apart from full members, to 14 organisations an observer status has been proposed.

More information on members, members of sub-groups and observers can be found in the Register of Commission Expert groups and in the Transparency Register.

Legal basis and procedures


All relevant documents such as agendas, minutes, and working documents on the activities of the Advisory Group are publicly available.