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Audit reports

Audit reports can be retrieved from our database in PDF file format. To retrieve reports click on the ‘Search’ button below and select one of the three tabs which appear, as follows:

  • Use the ‘Basic’ tab if you already know the year and/or number of the audit.
  • Use the ‘Advanced’ tab to search by country, by date range, and/or by text search.
  • Use the ‘Published’ tab to search by report publication date

Note: all audit numbers are now listed in the standardised format: *YEAR-NUMBER*.


Last 5 Reports

Country Audit number Title Audit period
Belgium 2021-7304 Protected Designations of Origin, Protected Geographical Indications and Traditional Specialities Guaranteed for agricultural products and GIs of spirit drinks Jan - Feb 2021 Report details
Romania 2020-6934 Safety of milk and dairy products Dec 2020 Report details
Ukraine 2021-7179 Microbiological contamination in food of non-animal origin intended for export to the EU Jun 2021 Report details
Estonia 2021-7173 Microbial safety of food of non-animal origin Apr 2021 Report details
Denmark 2021-7181 Milk and dairy products May - Jun 2021 Report details