Member States information

Member States information

According to Council Directives 77/504/EEC, 88/661/EEC, 89/361/EEC, 90/427/EEC and 90/428/EEC, Member States have to draw up, keep up-to-date and make available certain information to the public in the zootechnical field, in particular in relation to approved breeding organisations and equine competitions.

List of EU Member States' approved establishments in the zootechnical field

AustriaAustria (AT)

BelgiumBelgium (BE)

BulgariaBulgaria (BG)

CroatiaCroatia (HR)

CyprusCyprus (CY)

Czech RepublicCzech Republic (CZ)

DenmarkDenmark (DA)

EstoniaEstonia (EE)

FinlandFinland (FI)

FranceFrance (FR)

Approved breeding organisations (equine)

GermanyGermany (DE)

GreeceGreece (EL)

HungaryHungary (HU)

IrelandIreland (IE)

ItalyItaly (IT)

LithuaniaLithuania (LT)

Luxembourg Luxembourg (LU)

Latvia Latvia (LV)

Malta Malta (MT)

Netherlands Netherlands (NL)

Poland Poland (PL)

Portugal Portugal (PT)

Romania Romania (RO)

Spain Spain (ES)

Sweden Sweden (SE)

Slovenia Slovenia (SI)Competitions – Directive 90/428/EEC

Slovakia Slovakia (SK)

United Kingdom United Kingdom (UK)


Other EEA Countries

Norway Norway (NO)


Other countries with special agreements

Switzerland Switzerland (CH)

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