On 11 February 2014, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a single, comprehensive zootechnical regulation to replace the rules currently in place. As the basic principles and main rules of the Union zootechnical legislation have shown to be adequate and sufficiently adapted to technical developments in the area of animal breeding, they have been maintained in the proposal.

However, because the current Union legislation is organised vertically according to species, the almost identical provisions have been streamlined, drafted in a more precise and consistent language in the format of a regulation, in order to avoid obstacles to trade resulting from national transposition.

The proposed provisions on official controls in the zootechnical field are fully aligned to the current official control rules and also with the necessary adaptations, to those proposed for a Regulation on official controls and activities in the veterinary field.

The eventual opinions of the other institutions can be viewed as they become available (choose the preferred language in the drop down menu of the top right corner).

In the meantime, pending agreement of the co-legislators on the future final rules, the current rules below continue to apply.

Bovine Animals (cattle, buffaloes)

Basic Directive Council Directive 2009/157 EC
Recognition of breeding organisations Commission Decision 84/247/EEC
Entering in herdbooks Commission Decision 84/419/EEC
Pedigree certificates Commission Decision 2005/379/EC
Performance testing and genetic evaluation Commission Decision 2006/427/EC
INTERBULL Council Decision 96/463/EC
Acceptance for breeding Council Directive 87/328/EEC

Porcine Animals (pigs)

Basic Directive Council Directive 88/661/EEC
Recognition of breeding organisations Pure-bred Commission Decision 89/501/EEC
Hybrid Commission Decision 89/504/EEC
Entering in herdbooks Pure-bred Commission Decision 89/502/EEC
Hybrid Commission Decision 89/505/EEC
Pedigree certificates Pure-bred Commission Decision 89/503/EEC
Hybrid Commission Decision 89/506/EEC
Performance testing and genetic evaluation Pure-bred and Hybrid Commission Decision 89/507/EEC
Acceptance for breeding Pure-bred Council Directive 90/118/EEC
Hybrid Council Directive 90/119/EEC

Ovine and Caprine Animals (sheep and goats)

Basic Directive Council Directive 89/361/EEC
Recognition of breeding organisations Commission Decision 90/254/EEC
Entering in flock books Commission Decision 90/255/EEC
Pedigree certificates Commission Decision 90/258/EEC
Performance testing and genetic evaluation Commission Decision 90/256/EEC
Acceptance for breeding Commission Decision 90/257/EEC

Equine Animals (horses, donkeys)

Basic Directive Council Directive 90/427/EEC
Recognition of breeding organisations Commission Decision 92/353/EEC
Coordination between breeding organisations Commission Decision 92/354/EEC
Entering in studbook Commission Decision 96/78/EC
Identification document (passport)

Commission Regulation (EC) No 504/2008

*as of 1.01.2016 Regulation 504/2008 will be replaced by Regulation 2015/262

Pedigree certificate for semen, ova, embryos Commission Decision 96/79/EC

Horse Competitions

Basic Directive Council Directive 90/428/EEC
Collection of data Commission Decision 92/216/EEC
Coordinating Authorities of Equine Competitions

Listing Organisations

Basic Directive Commission Decision 2009/712/EC

Other Breeding Animals

Basic Directive Council Directive 91/174/EEC

Import from Third Countries

Basic Directive Council Directive 94/28/EC
Pedigree certificates

Commission Decision 96/509/EC

Commission Decision 96/510/EC

Approved organisations Commission Decision 2006/139