Evaluations and Strategy

Evaluations and Strategy

To keep a forefront position in animal welfare, the Commission reviews its acquis and initiatives completed over the past years.

In 2019, the Commission started a series of activities to evaluate its previous strategy, the EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of Animals (2012-2015).

This evaluation aims to assess if the strategy completed in 2018 delivered its objectives and their current relevance and consistency. It also looks at its efficiency and whether the strategy usefully complements national efforts in animal welfare.

The Commission continued its evaluation activities by launching a "Fitness Check" of the EU legislation on the welfare of farmed animals. This measure followed the adoption of the Farm to Fork Strategy for a more sustainable agriculture on the 20th of May 2020. The results of the fitness check will help reviewing the animal welfare legislative framework as well as other Commission initiatives in the area.

Please find additional information on the Welfare Strategy in the Archive Materials.