Animal cloning proposal

Animal cloning proposal

The European Commission has presented two proposals for directives:

1. Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the cloning of animals of the bovine, porcine, ovine, caprine and equine species kept and reproduced for farming purposes (COM(2013) 892 final) (Cloning Technique Proposal)

2. Proposal for a Council Directive on the placing on the market of food from clones(COM(2013) 893 final) adopted on 18 December 2013. (Cloning Food Proposal)

For further background information please consult the documents listed below. For the EFSA opinions please refer to the EFSA page.

Impact assessment Dec. 2013
Impact assessment Executive summary Dec. 2013
Impact assessment board opinion Dec. 2013
Citizen’s summary Dec. 2013
Report on attitudes towards animal cloning Oct. 2008
Summary of above Oct. 2008
Biotechnology survey (27 MSs and 5 non-EU Oct. 2010
GHK report Dec. 2012
JRC Scientific and Policy Report 2013

Study on the labelling of products from cloned animals and their offspring

The study on the labelling of products from cloned animals and their offspring, was financed by the European Commission and carried out by ICF International. Its objective is to provide further elements to those already provided in the study referred to in the Commission's impact assessment (SWD 2013) 519 final. However, the conclusions, recommendations and opinions presented in this report reflect the opinion of the consultant and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Commission.