Approved warehouses/ship suppliers

Approved warehouses/ship suppliers

In order to assist EU countries in making up-to-date lists available to other EU countries and to the public, the Commission has created a single, central and easy access to the lists of approved warehouses.

EU countries

Austria (AT)* Belgium (BE)
Bulgaria (BG) Croatia (HR)
Cyprus (CY)* Czech Republic (CZ)
Denmark (DA)* Estonia (EE)
Finland (FI) France (FR)
Germany (DE) Greece (EL)*
Hungary (HU) Ireland (IE)*
Italy (IT) Latvia (LV)
Lithuania (LT) Luxembourg (LU)*
Malta (MT)* Netherlands (NL)
Poland (PL) Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO)* Slovakia (SK)*
Slovenia (SI) Spain (SE)
Sweden (SE)  

Other EEA Countries

Iceland (IS)* Norway (NO)*

Other countries with special agreements

Switzerland (CH)* Faroe Islands*
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)*  

*: Currently no approved warehouses