Information Material

Information Material

Annual Report

2017 - Country sheets.

2016 - Annual Report, Infographic and Country sheets.

2015 - Annual Report, Infographic and Country sheets.

2014 - Annual Report, Infographic and Country sheets.

TRACES Toolkit

Download the TRACES Toolkit , your gateway to access manuals, videos and "templates" (also available in FR, DE, ES and PT).


Take a look at the TRACES leaflet , gathering the key information about TRACES (also available in FR, DE, ES and PT).


TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) is the online management tool of the European Commission, that tracks the movements of animals, food, feed and plants imported from outside the European Union, or travelling through the EU Member States. More than 26,000 users from more than 70 countries worldwide connect to TRACES in 33 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should there be a problem with an animal or product, TRACES quickly tracks back to the original source of the problem and forward to the destination. This represents a major leap forward in monitoring animal diseases and combatting fraud, whilst significantly speeding up administrative procedures. TRACES: protecting consumers, facilitating trade.

Available Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Animal Traceability Video

The registration of farms, the allocation of a unique identification for every bovine species accompanied by an individual passport and the registration of any movement in the national databases, guarantees a full traceability of cattle movements. Three major tools are put in place to support this traceability in the EU: TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System ) which records all the movements between Member States, BOVEX (Bovine Exchange) which tackles the administrative burden through the digitalisation of passports and ADNS (Animal Disease Notification System ) which alerts all Member States in case of the outbreak of disease.

Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, EN subtitled, IT subtitled.

10 years of TRACES

The "10 years of TRACES" infographic to commemorate the 10th anniversary of TRACES in 2015 and summarise the activities carried out through the system is available in English, French and German (and will also be available in Spanish and Portuguese in the future.

10 years of TRACES

A decade of TRACES (Video)

Presentation (PREZI)

Take a tour on our TRACES presentation , which illustrates the different TRACES policy areas, clarifies the TRACES functional tools, shows the output resources and offers you a hint of TRACES' past and future. (Also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese).


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16-10-2017 Issue n° 2/2017 Edition n° 2/2017 Edición n° 2/2017
19-05-2017 Issue n° 1/2017 Edition n° 1/2017  
15-12-2016 Issue n° 2/2016 Edition n° 2/2016  
21-06-2016 Issue n° 1/2016 Edition n° 1/2016  
17-11-2015 Issue n° 4/2015 Edition n° 4/2015  
21-10-2015 Issue n° 3/2015 Edition n° 3/2015  
25-08-2015 Issue n° 2/2015 Edition n° 2/2015  
05-03-2015 Issue n° 1/2015 Edition n° 1/2015  
14-11-2014 Issue n° 4/2014 Edition n° 4/2014  
29-07-2014 Issue n° 3/2014 Edition n° 3/2014  
30-04-2014 Issue n° 2/2014 Edition n° 2/2014  
27-03-2014 Issue n° 1/2014 Edition n° 1/2014  
20-12-2013 Issue n° 3/2013 Edition n° 3/2013  
11-09-2013 Issue n° 2/2013 Edition n° 2/2013  
16-04-2013 Issue n° 1/2013 Edition n° 1/2013