Declarations submitted to the SCoPAFF

Declarations submitted to the SCoPAFF

Before obtaining the disease free status or the status of under a surveillance programme for compartments or zones comprising less than 75% of their territory, EU countries shall submit a declaration to the SCoPAFF. Declarations in fully compliance with EU requirements shall take effect 60 days after the date of the meeting. When additional clarification is needed, the 60 days period may be prolonged for 30 days.

Declarations of programmes for the early detection of OsHV-1 ╬╝var shall take effect one week from the date of the meeting of the SCoPAFF at which the programme was presented.

Declarations shall be filled in using the model laid down in Annex II to Commission Decision 2009/177/EC. Word versions of Annexes II to VI

Declarations presented to the SCoPAFF

on 20 October 2020

on 23 September 2020

on 18 June 2020

on 14 May 2020

on 13 February 2020

on 16 January 2020

on 16 December 2019

on 21 November 2019

on 24 October 2019

on 24 September 2019

on 8 July 2019

on 12 June 2019

on 13 May 2019

on 11 April 2019

on 21 March 2019

on 26 February 2019

on 11 December 2018

on 23 November 2018