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Food Safety

About the group

In January 2018, the first thematic sub-group on animal transport was established within the EU Platform on Animal Welfare.

The overall objective of the transport sub-group is to assist the Platform in areas within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport, by delivering information, recommendations and proposals for practices which help bring about better animal welfare during animal transport.

The sub-group will promote the exchange of information, experience and good practices and facilitate cooperation in this area, with the purpose of supporting the Platform's work and contributing to the achievement of its objectives.

The main working fields for the subgroup are:

  1. Technical innovations that are bound to improve the welfare of animals during transport;

  2. Policy indicators at both national and EU level, which could be set-up in order to measure trends in the implementation of the legislation and consider future actions;

  3. Knowledge transfer to trip organisers, transporters, drivers and attendants and identification of better practices;

  4. Tools and means to improve implementation and enforcement.

The sub-group will meet twice a year in Grange (Ireland).

Meetings 2019

  • 4-5 September - Fourth meeting of the Animal transport sub-group
  • 21 March - Third meeting of the Animal transport sub-group

Meetings 2018