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Food Safety

Animal diseases

The EU holistic approach to control of animal diseases is based on several aspects, namely:

  • specific control measures in place for each disease
  • surveillance
  • the EU financial contribution
  • the notification system
  • the EU emergency team
  • the traceability system
  • and the EU reference laboratories for selected diseases.

More details can be found on each of these aspects, below.

Further information

Animal Disease Information System (ADIS)

The operational objective of the system is to ensure rapid exchange of information between national authorities responsible for animal health.


Animal disease surveillance is one of the pillars of EU's Animal Health policy. There is a need for further developments and strengthening of animal...

Veterinary Emergency Team

The team includes experts in the fields of veterinary sciences, virology, wildlife, laboratory testing, risk management and other relevant areas. The experts will be on stand-by, ready to respond in animal health situations.