06 March 2019

On 6 March, the European Parliament Intergroup SEARICA with the support of the European Commission organise a conference on the economic benefits of marine protected areas (MPAs).

27 February 2019

EUMOFA has released new species profiles that provide key market information and data for the most important species in the EU market, such as European hake, mussel and Norway lobster.

07 May 2019 to 09 May 2019

Seafood Expo is the world’s largest trade fair in the fisheries sector, with 1,850 exhibitors from 79 countries. The European Commission’s stand will host several information sessions and events on topics relevant to the stakeholders, business people and retailers attending.

13 February 2019

In the framework of the EU cooperation PESCAO project, a joint fisheries surveillance operation to detect illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing was just undertaken, the operation Alexandre Baptista.

13 February 2019

Today the European Parliament and the Council agreed on the Commission's proposal for decentralised and simplified technical rules, giving fishermen a stronger say in deciding on the best measures for sustainable fishing adapted to their specific needs.

12 February 2019

The European Parliament has given its consent to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and Morocco. This agreement, valid for 4 years, allocates fishing opportunities for the EU in exchange for an overall financial contribution of € 208 million euros. A substantial part of this contribution will be used to promote the sustainable development of the fisheries economy in Morocco and the Western Sahara.

11 February 2019

Illegal fishing is the world’s third largest illegal economic activity. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, it could value 10-20 billion euro per year. A dazzling amount, but peanuts compared to the damage it causes: collapsing fish stocks, marine ecosystem destruction, poverty among coastal regions, even forced labour and other severe human rights abuse.

08 February 2019

Having accurate and timely data is crucial not only for policy makers but for the entire fishing sector.