17 April 2020

The European Commission welcomes the quick adoption by the European Parliament, with the Council following very soon, of its initiative to modify the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

16 April 2020

The new, user friendly interface of the EU Fleet Register is now available, featuring additional filters to access administrative or technical data on EU fishing vessels.

07 April 2020

In order to quickly direct the available European public funds to address the consequences of the coronavirus crisis, under Article 139 of the ESIF Regulation, the Commission has waived this year the obligation to request the refunds of unspent pre-financing from the fund until programme closure.

02 April 2020

Supporting the EU fisheries and aquaculture sectors in tackling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission has proposed a new set of ambitious measures under the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

31 March 2020

As the terrestrial world is kept hostile by the Coronavirus outbreak, life under water is all business as usual. But how well is our marine life faring? According to the United Nations IPBES report, nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history. Almost 33% of reef-forming corals and more than a third of all marine mammals are threatened.

20 March 2020

DG MARE has published an information note to give guidance to EU Member States outlining existing tools and instruments to support their local communities. Fisheries and aquaculture have been hit particularly hard by significant market disruptions, including from mandatory restaurant closures.

20 March 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic threatens the health of our citizens, many parts of the EU economy are also experiencing major disruptions. Fishing and aquaculture have been among the hardest hit sectors. The European Commission has therefore decided to adopt a temporary State aid framework to enable Member States to provide relief to economic operators hit by the crisis. The new Temporary Framework allows aid up to a level of €120,000 per undertaking active in the fishery and aquaculture sectors.